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Thursday, November 30, 2023

President Joe Biden addressed people asking not to panic with the new COVID-19 variant Omicron

Biden advises that a new strain is grounds for alerts, not fear. President Joe Biden stated Monday that the new coronavirus variant omicron is a reason to be alarmed but “not for fear,” adding that he is not planning a nationwide lockdown. To curb the spread of the virus, he urged Americans to get fully vaccinated, including booster doses, and to wear face masks indoors in public places.

Biden, speaking at the White House on Monday, said the new type would inevitably make its way to the United States, but that the country had the tools it needs to safeguard Americans, including licensed vaccines and booster doses. America will “meet this new challenge just as we’ve confronted those that have come before it” when Omicron arrives, as Biden predicted.

He urged the approximately 80 million unvaccinated Americans aged five and above to receive their vaccinations, as well as the remainder of the country, to obtain booster doses six months after their second shot. He also called on the public to resume wearing facial masks in all indoor public places, a pandemic precaution that has largely gone out of favour across the country.

Because of the new strain, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has expanded its prescription for COVID-19 booster doses to include all adults. Earlier, the EPA had approved boosters for all adults but only advised them for people aged 50 and up or in long-term care facilities.

“Everyone 18 and older should obtain a booster dose six months after receiving their original Pfizer or Moderna series vaccination or two months after receiving their initial J&J vaccine,” advises CDC Director Dr. Rochelle.

Source: CP24

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