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Monday, February 26, 2024

The death toll from devastating Typhoon Rai in the Philippines has surpassed 100

An armed policeman keeps watch while his colleagues clear a road of debris in Surigao City

With only 33 out of 48 mayors able to report so far, the number of deaths will rise significantly. According to the governor of an island province in the central Philippines, more than 72 people died in the destruction caused by Typhoon Rai. 

More than half of the neighbourhoods that managed to contact him on Sunday, bringing the death toll in the biggest tragedy to hit the country this year to at least 146. Gov. Arthur Yap of Bohol state claimed ten people were missing and 13 were injured.

The number of those deceased could rise significantly because only 33 out of 48 mayors could report back to him due to connectivity failures. Officials were attempting to confirm many deaths caused by landslides and widespread flooding in other parts of the country.

“It is extremely evident that the devastation inflicted by Bohol is great and all-encompassing,” Yap said after participating in a military overhead assessment of typhoon-ravaged communities.

He said that the initial examination did not include four towns where the typhoon blew in and ripped across central island regions on Thursday and Friday. According to the administration, approximately 780,000 individuals were affected, with more than 300,000 citizens forced to flee their homes.

The disaster-response department, national police, and municipal officials confirmed at least 64 other typhoon deaths. Most were killed by fallen trees and walls, drowning in flash floods, or trapped by landslides. Officials on the Dinagat Islands, one of the first southeastern provinces to be hit by the typhoon, reported ten deaths in only a few places, bringing the total number to 146.

Source: CBC News

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